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Gloryhammer The Epic Rage Of Furious Thunder tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Dundee! Mighty city on the

banks of the silv'ry Tay

Your sacrifice will always be

remembered that fateful day

But now that the time has

come to regain our fallen pride

We march to war with an army

of eagles by our side

Oh Dundee

Swiftly across the sapphire sky

The magic dragon flies

Angus McFife is atop his back

Hear the battlecry!

Down below, the knights of Crail

Have rallied to the cause

The hammer of glory is their guide

A great majestic force

The final battle has begun

For freedom and Dundee

Oh brave chivistic rainbow

give me strength og angelic might!

Far from the north a hero comes

His armour made from wolf

He heard the call the defend his king

The Barbarian Warrior of Unst!

Now at the side of Lord McFife

Across the land they ride

He know the way to the cidatel

Where Zargothrax must hide

Many evils guard the way

The castle has great might

In the epic rage of furious thunder

Legends create their tales

When the twilight calls and the dark lord falls

Our glory will prevail

The tower is high and mighty

We cannot climb the walls

We must find our way through the secret

Tunnels of the dwarves

Through the ancient tunnels, the warriors make way

Into a darkened cavern beneath the fortress great

Led by a hermit, Relathor his name

The way to the castle his secret to betray

Mighty unicorn, that flies in the sky

Touch the universe with your wings and hail the King

Now in the fields of Dunfermline

An epic war is fight

The knights of Crail make evil die

Bring glory for the light

Meanwhile inside the citadel

McFife has found the way

Facing to face with Zargothrax

And single combat waged

The evil wizard falls to doom

And drowns in liquid ice

In the epic rage of furious thunder

Legends create their tales

When the twilight calls and the dark lord falls

Our glory will prevail

And it came to pass that Zargothrax was cast into the frozen pool of liquid ice, encasing his immortal body in a cage of eternal frost. Atop the crystal spire of the ancient citadel, the valiant hero Angus McFife held aloft the Amulet of Justice. Channeling the power the the light, its mysterious ancient force freed the unicorns from their spell of undeath, and awoke the princess Iona McDougall from her frozen slumber, restoring cosmic balance to the lands of Dundee... for the stronger we our houses do build, the less chance we have of being killed. 

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