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Remember the days long ago, when we fought side by side for the glory

Battling foes of Dundee in a war in the sky

Now in this valley we hide, the last hope in this desperate story

Onwards into the unknown you must quest forever

In an alternate dimension

Under spell of evil warlock

There's no chance to return to our home

Now we're far away, lost in a different reality

Slaying dragons

Fighting to save the Kingdom of Fife

We are Warriors

Wielding the Hammer so glorious

Fighting with the power of the Laser Dragon Fire

I have discovered a scroll, telling tales of equipment for wizard

A jetpack of ultimate steel with the power to fly

It lies in a cave to the north guarded by unholy creatures

But if your quest is to fail we'll all die together

With the boost of mighty jetpack

Into outer space you can arise

And find your destiny once more

Now we're far away, lost in a different reality

Slaying dragons

Fighting to save the Kingdom of Fife

We are Warriors

Wielding the Hammer so glorious

Fighting with the power of the Laser Dragon Fire

Ride forth, mighty warrior, beyond the crystalline gates of the Land of Unicorns, into the great plaguelands of Caithness...there you must seek your true destiny. Many perils await you on your journey, but victorious you will return with the power to defeat Zargothrax for all eternity!

Remember the heroes

Who died in the war of Space Dundee

Now lost in another galaxy

Far away, lost in a different reality

One more final battle to save the Kingdom of Fife

Far away, lost in a different reality

Slaying dragons

Fighting to save the Kingdom of Fife

We are Warriors

Wielding the Hammer so glorious

Fighting with the power of the

Ancient holy tragic raging Laser Dragon Fire 

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