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1,000 years ago a hero crossed the sea

In search of distant realms to claim his destiny,

The land of Unst was not enough he had to conquer more

Into the west a hero quests, to far American shores!

With his mighty battle axe he slaughtered everything,

Till all of California did call the hero king!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Mighty proud and standing tall,

A legend to us all!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Riding from the silver screen,

into the battlefield!

He's the king of California....


Immortal warrior with armor made from wolf,

His legend proves the centuries with the power of the hoots!

His prowess on the battlefield does show on the stage,

In Hollywood he found his fame, the finest of his age!

The greatest movie star to ever walk the land,

If you ever meet this man I'm sure you'll understand!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Mighty proud and standing tall,

A legend to us all!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Riding from the silver screen,

into the battlefield!

He's the king of California....


Now Angus calls for him to join the epic fight,

Once more these mighty warriors will battle side by side!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Mighty proud and standing tall,

A legend to us all!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Riding from the silver screen,

into the battlefield!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Mighty proud and standing tall,

A legend to us all!

He's The Hollywood Hootsman!


Riding from the silver screen,

into the battlefield!

He's the king of California....


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