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[Verse 1]

Pull up in that CL, I'm blessed

Love all around me, I don't stress

I'm Clark Kent, got Superman on my chest

They ain't show us no way so we finessed then we flexed

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

If you spread your wings then God gon' help you float

Angels watching me everywhere that I go

You can spark that weed but we don't do no blow

We don't do no blow

I told my brody on me, I'm bout to blow

All this time I put in, it's bout to show

If you talk to God and try to get to know him

Even in the nighttime, it glow

My grandad, he came out to my show

He told that he proud of me, to keep going so I keep going

I put that on everything, I'm blessed

God with me, I never feel alone


I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

You spend that money, then I'ma put on a show

Put more than got bands and we might go on tour

We need that money nigga, we don't do it for the low

We ain't for the low

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

[Verse 2]

Everything I been through, I'm blessed

Your body is a success girl, you blessed

I'ma give you my all, ain't nothing less, ain't nothing less

I give you my heart, all of my flesh, all of my flesh

Girl you know that you got my heart know that you got it

I know we gon' get back to it every time we go through it

God got me, I tatted all on my chest, all on my chest

When I got hit by that car I thought life was mess, I thought life was a mess

But I was able to ball so I know that I'm blessed, know that I'm blessed

The way I switch up my life, I know that I'm blessed

Got nothing but love for ya if I know ya

Stay humble or God gon' do it for ya

I just thank the Lord I made a way

How'd I get this far, it gotta be faith

Ride around, I got Jesus all on my chain, all on my chain

My pops tell me that it's just part of the game, part of the game


I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

You spend that money, then I'ma put on a show

Put more than got bands and we might go on tour

We need that money nigga, we don't do it for the low

We ain't for the low

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

I'm blessed my nigga, that's one thing that I know

[Verse 3]

Think about my grandma, she blessed

You never left my heart since we laid you to rest

I remember walking into the hospital to come see you

Eyes closed, you had already left us that evening

We buried you mama but your soul is still the same

I know that you're blessed cause your life has so much meaning

You'll always be with my in me mind

As I live, I grow into the man that you designed

Don't worry bout your daughter, just know she fine

She got Superman right here and I'll be there right in time

I'll forever care for you

I promise I'll never forget about you

I know that you hear me screaming girl

I just wanna chill around

Don't ever take for granted all the loved ones in your life

If you get a chance, just make sure you do it right

And I'ma do it right

Oh I know that I'm blessed

Grandma, I know that you blessed

Momma, I know that you blessed

[Casey's Mother]

My son, I knew that since you were a little bitty boy that there was a blessing upon your life. When that car hit you, your dad and I almost lost our minds. But faith and prayer got us through. And your attitude. It was your attitude, the way you handled it, let me know that you were going to be special. Your granny and nanny always prayed over you and your brother. We are blessed

[Casey Veggies]

I just want to leave y'all with something, you know what I mean. I just wanna let y'all know that we're blessed. If you got a dream, follow your dream. Don't let nobody tell you you can't get it. Keep grinding. Keep shining. Keep being blessed. Let's get it 

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