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Casey Veggies Actin' Up (Ft: Dom Kennedy) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

[Intro: Casey Veggies]

Hoes go crazy, yeah

Hey, what's your name, lil homie

Yeah, I'm talking to you

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]

What's your name little mama, what's wavy

Twenty years old, got no babies

Like CG3, hoes go crazy

Got the Audi man now I want to cop the 'cedes

Or the Maserati always keep a chick with body

Blowing up, they gon' think it's illuminati

Growing up, never got a slow day

This world wrong, we just let it rotate

When I'm grindin' my baby be missing me

She a cute chick, different ethnicities

Pull up to the function with a slow creep

Leave with a girl that's popping, keep it lowkey

Well respected in the city, niggas know me

And they go hard for me cause they owe me

Peas and Carrots store off Beverley

Praise God that we living heavenly

[Hook: Casey Veggies]

They see us when we ball, we be acting up

Getting calls from your broad, we be acting up

Pull up coop to the mall, see me acting up

Back in the morning, I'm acting up

Hoes see us when we ball, yeah we acting up

If she say we fell in love, she be acting up

And my city sold out, acting up

They don't do it like us, we be acting up

[Verse 2: Dom Kennedy]

If she take two sips, she gon' need a fifth

Can't do eights, we gon' need a zip

I'ma keep it pimp, he gon' keep it simp

I know it feel good, you could bite your lip

Get pussy away and the price gon' dip

Give the pussy to me, I'ma bite your hips

Take me to the back, show me where it's at

You better have that crack, where it's at

Pussy like Thrilla in Minalla

It knock niggas out, laying on chinchilla

You could smoke with me bro, I'm really not a dealer

I just got a lot of weed, I like to share it with my niggas

I think we need to have a smoke break

This world wrong, we just let it rotate

I tell her okay, go play that 'Yonce

Fuck me like you tryna be fiancé

[Hook: Casey Veggies]

They see us when we ball, we be acting up

Getting calls from your broad, we be acting up

Pull up coop to the mall, see me acting up

Back in the morning, I'm acting up

Hoes see us when we ball, yeah we acting up

If she say we fell in love, she be acting up

And my city sold out, acting up

They don't do it like us, we be acting up

[Verse 3: Casey Veggies]

I took a trip and I hope I don't take no losses

Met some fake niggas and I met some bosses

Baby dripping wet, running like a faucet

I do it like a vet but I just started

Vouch for the pussy, you could put my name on it

Baby bend it over then she flex on it

Paid for it in advance, put a check on it

I just see you in the streets, nigga we ain't homies

We ain't homies, we ain't homies

Turnt up in the city if you're looking for me

You only see when I'm shining

Better get used to it hoe, cause that shit's all the time

You say you from the streets, well you gotta show me

How you speak up on me if you don't know me

That's what I get enough of

Throw them dubs up, we gon' fuck the club up

[Hook: Casey Veggies]

They see us when we ball, we be acting up

Getting calls from your broad, we be acting up

Pull up coop to the mall, see me acting up

Back in the morning, I'm acting up

Hoes see us when we ball, yeah we acting up

If she say we fell in love, she be acting up

And my city sold out, acting up

They don't do it like us, we be acting up

[Outro: Casey Veggies]

This that, this shit remind me of that Summer '09 shit

Priceless, yeah

Shout out to all my young niggas

West side, East side, yeah, LA, Inglewood

Aw man, Live & Grow

We be acting up

Yeah, aw, we be acting up

Yeah, we be acting up 

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