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A Hanging piosenki

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Veiled portrait Sees through you Still so beautiful Rotting inside Unveil the portrait It sees the real you Once so beautiful Now worthless 

Clark's Gait

Feelings stay deep inside Primordial quest Slowly open my eyes To devour flesh Dirt infested, savage mind I see clear The animal i’ve become I smell fear My walk Prey on the weak More flesh The truth in lies The rotting flesh Screams not heard More flesh Cha...


I sleep at death’s door Living this nightmare One slip, one i.e.d. No more Always engage our brain Before you unhinge Your mother fuckin jaw Back home some pacifist Calls me a butcher It’s my blood that pays For your free words What i’ve seen,shit i’ve done...


Standing alone in your pain Your words, a failed perception The deed has been done, accused The hatred spewed, so vile You need the liar Can’t think for yourself Diseased and caustic Your words Document The past, the lies, the hatred Animosity star...


Pain Washes all away Standing in the fire Still bitter cold Deep Cuts across my face Remind me of my past Awake is where I stay Fight the urge To separate Duality Embraced Life’s too short To contemplate Light the fuse And fucking run 

Middle-Aged Delinquent

You are a boil on the ass of humanity Waiting to pop Your presence unwanted Your departure revered Just walk away and say no more Middle aged delinquent Terminal case of diarrhea of the mouth Just unfuck yourself 

Sticks & Stones (& a Sawed-Off Shotgun)

The bleeding hearts are alive Overly sensitive Fuckers Spewing Hatred in the guise of compassion Condemn others for doing the same Sticks N Stones 3xs And a Sawed Off Shotgun Incredibly stupid and loud Just to hear yourself speak Political...


Here come the lies Another sound bite for t.V. Screaming at the top of your lungs Saying nothing at all Liberty stolen and ground Lady justice falls and cries All for disease, just sating the slaves No more using your minds So you want my bullets Ta...