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A Love Ends Suicide piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Another Revolution

Many lessons learned Take this with everything you've got Think twice to change your mind Breathe in and open up your eyes Revelation is what you've got to fear when time takes over Revelation and well end up with the lord Feels like a break through...

Cold Summer

Were upon the burn The shadows of summer They bring us back in florescent light Burned with the crowd Breathe, give or take of what we have Take a step towards or away No in between, theres no I do not believe Burn with the crowd as you fall into sham...

Heros of Faith

Its been eight years in this disaster Ill break the grip of the demons that held me so long To many memories have never past me by so fast Lives will never be the same in this tragedy Tonight we stand alone in the face of all this Tonight were left alon...

Of Day Dream and Fantasy

This brings me further from the light This angry field of soldiers that march in pairs My heart still beats faster lets synchronize each movement With every chance we have Stand towards your enemy knowing your chances Think twice with your fist closed t...