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A Line Before The Ocean

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Let’s do it again Last night was hot! Suddenly Please say my name My name with your This is the first time (that) i can say I want you This is the first time (that) i can wait I want you I’d like to know what you’re thinking Inside your head... Insid...

Take A Look At My Favourite Nightmare

I can’t believe at my eyes, where i am?….Funny place Hey…welcome to my world….Welcome.. Hey….Have you drunk yesterday..?? Good choose I don’t understand…. where am i I can’t believe at my eyes Wow in this time i feel so good, ‘cause Here, in this strange...

The Shore Dried Up The Sky

Now tell me what are you saying through the ocean to my tides This time I won't pretend I walked this road so many ways Never thought to catch you up right in my time Screaming through these barriers We got too warm right inside our veins to reach the s...