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A Long Forgotten Power piosenki

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A Thing Of Beauty

I look in her eyes... My reflection I see. As if I saw her thoughts.. And she were thinking of me. Her skin is so fair Her hair is so soft Gently I kiss Her delicate neck... Never had I seen.... Such a beautiful... Corpse. 

Behold Yog-Sothoth Before the Gate

The crystalline stars we once called father fall from the heavens In great storms of flame made of black-green filth, bringing horrors unseen Teaching men new madness, sowing chaos The sky lit nebula twists and tear the great one inches through slime an...

Earth Dirge

The velvet curtain of time is torn The cage is bent The winds now only mourn 

Freezing Moon (Mayhem cover)

Everything here is so cold Everything here is so dark I remember it as from a dream In the corner of this time Diabolic shapes float by Out from the dark I remember it was here I died By following the freezing moon... It's night again Night you beautiful I p...

The Chosen

We gather in a circle, and stand before the chasm We cast not a shadow, holding torches high in vain We embrace the mist, throw our torches in the void We bring about the endtime, vow the earth to be destroyed Father rises proudly from the world's end Ma...

The Taste of Innocence

Your every muscle quivers Your so terrified of death Lips collide beautifully As I drink your last few breaths Your soul is so very pure Sweeter than I could have dreamed You'll never find your light We become one tonight For soon on your soul I sh...

When Eyes Shine With Lust

O` how I long... to be a corpse to lie eternal beneath a blanket of warm earth. To achieve the sleep, at long last, eluding me as a mortal. O' how I lust for death! Ever romanticized by scythe an d human bone. I know you in truth (and covet you so) O' to obta...

Whispers Heard on Northern Winds

As the wind blows through the mountains, there is a presence of ancient magnitude... I stand atop my peak, As I've learned to listen to the north-wind. Many nights have I stood atop my peak... listening to his dark news told in a horrid whisper.