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[Special Edition Bonus Track]

[a) Pigs on the Wing - Part I]

[Mike Baker:]
If you Didn't care what happened to me
And I didn't care
For you
We would zig zag our way through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the buggers to blame
And watching for pigs on the wing

[b) Fearless]

[Mike Baker:] You say the hill's too steep to climb
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:] Climb it
[Mike Baker:] You say you'd like to see me try
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:] climbing
[Mike Baker:] You pick the place and I'll choose the time
[Arjen Lucassen:]
And I'll climb that hill in my own way
Just wait a while for the right day
And as I rise above the tree lines and the clouds
I look down
Hearing the sound of the things you've said today
[Mike Baker:] Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:] Smiling
[Mike Baker / Arjen Lucassen:] Merciless the magistrate turned 'round
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:] Frowning
[Gary Wehrkamp:] And who's the fool who wears the crown
[Jim Roberti:]
And go down
In your own way
And every day is the right day
And as you rise above the fear lines in his brow
[Gary Wehrkamp:] You look down
[Gary Wehrkamp / Mike Baker:] Hearing the sound of the faces
[Gary Wehrkamp:] In the crowd

[c) Mother (The Post War Dream / Thin Ice)]

[Mike Baker:] Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Tell Me true, Tell me why
[Mike Baker:] Mother do you think they'll like this song
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Was Jesus Crucified?
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Maggie, What have we done?
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:]
Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls
Ooooooh aaaah
[Mike Baker:]
Mother should I build a wall
Mother do you think she's good enough?
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Momma loves her baby and Daddy Loves you too
[Mike Baker:] Mother do you think she's Dangerous?
[Gary Wehrkamp:]
And the sea may look warm to you babe
And the sky may look blue

[d) Bike]
[Jim Roberti:] I've got a bike you can ride it if you like
[Gary Wehrkamp:] It's got a bar, bell a basket
[Arjen Lucassen:] Reflectors and a spider seat
[Mike Baker:] Cards on the spoke wheels
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Customized license plates
[Jim Roberti / Gary Wehrkamp:] a bell that rings and
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Lots of
[Mike Baker:] Lots of
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Lots of
[Brendt Allman:] Lots of things to make it look good
[Mike Baker:] I'd give it to you if I could

[e) Brain Damage]

[Mike Baker:]
The lunatic is in my head
The lunatic is in my head
[Jim Roberti:]
Stoned out laughter
[ALL:] Remembering days and daisy chains and laughs got to keep the loonies on the path
[Mike Baker:] Main Melody
[Gary Wehrkamp:] First Harmony
[Brendt Allman / Gary Wehrkamp:] Additional Harmony
[Arjen Lucassen:] High Harmony

[f) (Tienneman's Square / Goodbye Blue Sky)]

[Gary Wehrkamp:] And I grieve for my sister
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:]
Did Did Did Did You see the frightened ones
Did Did Did Did You hear the falling bombs

[g) Point Me at the Sky]

[Gary Wehrkamp:]
Hey Eugene, this is Henry McClean
And I've finished my beautiful flying machine
And I'm ringing to say that I'm leaving today
And maybe you'd like to come with me and
Hide with me Baby

[h) Your Possible Pasts]

[Gary Wehrkamp:]
Do you remember me?
How we used to be
Do you think we should be closer?

[i) Shining on]

[Guitar solo by Arjen Lucassen]

[j) One in the Crowd]

[Gary Wehrkamp:]
With all their words and voices shouting
You leave it behind
'Cause you're aware
And Now surround me
Leading the Light
Dark stands before me
With Just one clue presenting
The touch
Of her hand
Off in a Dare
Well Hidden within color
Perchance I should tell her
A path Bold
And Cluttered
I'll Find a way

[k) Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered]

Together in a Cave and
Grooving with a Pict
[Distant banter]

[l) Baby Lemonade]

Please, Please Baby Lemonade

[m) Welcome to the Machine]

[Jim Roberti / Gary Wehrkamp:]
Welcome my son, welcome to the machine
What did you dream,
[Brendt Allman:] How I wish, How I wish you were here
[Jim Roberti / Gary Wehrkamp:] It's alright we told you what to dream
[ALL:] So welcome........
[Jim Roberti / Mike Baker:] To the machine

[n) Summer of '68]


[o) Sheep]

[Arjen Lucassen:]
Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
Raving and Drooling we fell on his neck with a scream
Wave upon wave of demented avengers march
Cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream

[p) Julia Dream]

[Mike Baker:]
Julia dream, Dreamboat Queen
Queen of all my dreams
[Gary Wehrkamp:]
Sunlight bright upon my pillow
Lighter than an eiderdown
Will she let the weeping willow
Wind his branches 'round
[Arjen Lucassen:]
Julia Dream, Dreamboat queen
Queen of all my dreams
Julia Dream, Dreamboat queen
Queen of all my dreams
[Gary Wehrkamp:]
Every night I Turn the light out
Waiting for the velvet bride
Will the following footsteps catch me
Am I really dying?
[Mike Baker:]
Julia Dream, Dreamboat queen
Queen of all my dreams
Julia Dream, Dreamboat queen
Queen of all my dreams
[Mike Baker:] Julia Dream, Dreamboat queen
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:] Queen of all my dreams
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Sssssssyd

[q) Comfortably Numb]

[Guitar solo - Gary Wehrkamp]

[r) Cymbaline]

[Gary Wehrkamp:]
The path you tread is narrow
And the drop is sheer and very high
The ravens all are watching from a vantage point nearby
Apprehension creeping like a choo-train up your spine
Will the tight reach the end
[Arjen Lucassen:]
Doctor Strange is always changing size
Will the final couplet rhyme?
[Gary Wehrkamp:]
And it's high Time, Cymbaline
Yeah it's, High time, Cymbaline
Please Wake me

[s) Corporal Clegg]

[Mike Baker / Arjen Lucassen / Gary Wehrkamp / Jim Roberti:]
Mrs. Klegg
You must be proud of him
[Jim Roberti:]
Mrs. Klegg
Another drop of Gjalt, I mean Gin

[t) Mother reprise]

[Mike Baker / Arjen Lucassen / Gary Wehrkamp / Jim Roberti:]
Ooooh babe
Ooooh babe
Ooooh babe
[Mike Baker:]
Of course mommas gonna help build the wall
What's uh... the deal
[Mike Baker:]
So let me in, from the cold
Turn my lead into Gold
[Mike Baker / Jim Roberti:]
'Cause there's a chill wind blowin' in my soul
And I think I'm growing old

[u) The Fletcher Memorial Home]

[Paranoid Eyes / The Final Cut]

[Jim Roberti:] The Fletcher Memorial, Home for Incurable Tyrants
[Gary Wehrkamp:]
And Kings
BA You can hide, hide, hide
[Gary Wehrkamp:] Is Everyone in
[Gary Wehrkamp:]
Are you having a nice time?
On the Turning Away
[Gary Wehrkamp:] No more turning away
[Gary Wehrkamp / Mike Baker:] From the weak and the weary
[Gary Wehrkamp / Mike Baker / Jim Roberti:] No more turning away from the
[Gary Wehrkamp / Mike Baker / Jim Roberti / Arjen Lucassen:] Coldness inside
[Mike Baker / Jim Roberti / Gary Wehrkamp:] Just a world that we
[Gary Wehrkamp / Mike Baker / Jim Roberti / Arjen Lucassen:]
All must share
Not enough just to stand and stare
Is it only a dream that there'll be no more turning away

[v) Pigs on the Wing - Part II]

[Mike Baker:]
You know that I care
What happens to You
And I know that you care
For me too
[Mike Baker / Gary Wehrkamp:]
So I don't feel alone or the weight of the stone
Now that I've found somewhere safe to bury my bone
And any fool knows a dog needs a home
[Mike Baker:] A shelter
[Gary Wehrkamp:] What's it all about?
[Mike Baker:] From pigs on the wing
[Mike Baker:] Mother did it need to be so high? 

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