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From the first gray light of the morning I've been gone
On my journey towards the stars
Will I know when I reach the other side
The earth so blue it's like I'm dreaming
Now I'm on my way
Tainted shadows fall like rain
Through the dark vast weight only silence lingers on
The origin of existence lies somewhere far far beyond
I feel unattached tranquility
A hand from the heavens guiding me
And wondering where this path will lead
In a dream I'm lost and
Floating through the atmosphere
Searchig for significance against
Infinity eternity
I've been taken by the vast and
Humbled by the weight of what I've seen
You know they called for heros
Cause heros carry on
In know the world is fading
So from the first gray light of the morning I've been gone
Now I pray for a better life
For all the ones I love
We search beyond our reach
And turn our gaze above
I hope that it's the way
To fill our basic needs
And my sacrifice not vain
And I'll return again
The sands will filter through the timeless hourglass
As I pass beyond the god of war
Distant voices hear them crying out
I must seek out new worlds and explore
And I know that there just must be a place
We will carry on
Where our children can be free from the pain
The human race
It must be somewhere out in space
The sands will filter through the timeless hourglass
As I pass beyond the god of war
Distant voices hear them crying out
I must seek out new worlds and explore
And I know that there must be a place
It Must be somewhere out in space
Silver moonbeams relfect the sun
Martian Landscapes worlds beyond
I touch down with no trace
No sign of life on this place
Now I feel a surge of energy
The deepest passion burns in me
Somwhere there is a world not left
To die
The stars will shine their light down unto me
The stars will shine their light and I will see
Will I find my way?
So back to the darkness I fly
In search of a hope in the sky
I should have known right from the start
I'll not return home
It seems so surreal as I go
The knowlesdge of science alone
Can't save all the people I know
That I've left behind
The sun I know is growing smaller
I drift for days on endless hours
And what's there to fear now!
No messages are getting through
I fall into the black abyss of night
I'm gone
The pioneering spirit charges the unkown
Accept the consequence of risk
I'm all alone here
Don't know if I'll return and
The fate of life is on my heart
I left a dying world behind
On my way oh
Where s our oasis in the sky
The future of our race
I left a poisoned world behind
Now I see there's no
Heaven bound oasis in the sky
Only dreams
I've got no destination
Helpless I drift on
The weight of silence how it's eating at my soul
And yet I sense a stirring
Something so spiritual
I wonder if the fate of mankind
Is in the hands of a higher power calling to us all
I left a dying world behind
On my way only
God can stop the spiral down to hell
The future of our race
I left a poisoned world behind
Now I see only
Heaven's the oasis in the sky
It's my dream 

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