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I went by the book; I meant what I said
I did what I could; you left me for dead – no wonder I’m a mess, uh
Dismantled my frame, channeled that power
And chanted that name ‘til I became an architect
Plans in the pocket wet from trekkin’ thru this estuary
Corridors are covered with the blood of the ancestry
Legend of the West say they was huntin’ for a sunken chest
Similar circumstances surrounding my uncle’s death
Sustenance of mother’s milk; honeysuckle, supple breast
Trouble is – y’all was trynna gut fish
Minutes after sunset, usurpin’ the coup – the unit bumpin’ this
Bus packed, my jammy a champion of justice, uh
Abandoning the pantheon for lower ground
Trynna get this focus down is harder with these Romans ‘round
Oddly enough we’re so much closer to what’s godly really
When the mind is pure and body filthy
Embody every quality of ill in my prosopopeia
Sick of watchin’ non-believers constantly fulfill their party’s prophecy
Shoebox philosophy, they’re spewin’ out a glossary
Of polytheist speak: greek mythology
Promise me you’re not part of that colony that shot at me
Possibly I’ll let you sip a shot with me, slip into that Knob Creek
Wade in that debauchery and play with such ferocity
That they concede to chokin’ out the weed of mediocrity
All or nothin’ and nothin’ is stoppin’ me
Pressing like the call button, holler from the lobby of your property
Canvassing in Converse, scrambling for converts
Handing out a Psalms verse, brother I’m the wrong person
For your witnessing, I’m in the choir now
Standing next to Todd Sykes, finna bring the Hammond back in..

..And we’re barely breakin’ even
It’s three hours of sleep and even them is in the PM
Spending every waking moment hopin’ we get back to Eden
Aint nothin’ lost if that’s what you belive in, I’m resigned to be the
Last one breathin’ – that’s moderately ironic
I’m asthmatic, chronic tobacco smoker but I’m told that
Moses was a stammerer, still he managed to hand to a
Nation a code; wait in the cold for the fire

Spark of light, raise it up into the sky and the igniter
Got a coat of mad accelerant to blow it even higher
That old shit expired; we’re the newest group of writers
Inciting the youth to exercise god-given rights
Proof: you see god in the light? That’s a god on the mic
There might be some gods in here tonight
And if there is I pray they show me what we’re working towards
What we sacrificing and stealin’ and lyin’ for
And I aint trynna settle for 30-second commercials anymore
Put your money where my mouth’s at, circle come full..
See, we’re reworking the rules
‘Bout to revert to these tools and unearth the birth of cool
Show you firsthand – make it, you take it personal
Aint no worry gon’ be wasted on the worth they placin’ on it
The layman’s will lay they hands on it – more power to em
I hope they leave the whole town in ruins and the
Crown in a pool of urine, blood on the tomb
I attest they got the spirit of the west runnin’ thru em
I’mma ride for em, testify for em – die for em
When I go I hold a couple spots the other side for em
And that’s the business
Yeah we stand before god, who y’all callin’ to witness?
That’s the business
Yeah we stand before god while y’all callin’ some bitches.. 

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