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I’m trynna bond with you; respond, react (X2)

Phenomenal, shit-shit is phenomenal (X4)

Uh, been had the Sound whetted down for the longest
Arrived and testified before the congress
Conference on the Hill-top; they tribunal got the
Bylaws locked and that library is monstrous
I come from where the forked tongue is alien
Uncles still uncomfortable sayin’ homosapien
That’s public education in em – I hesitate to call em victims
Maybe it’s just the radiance had missed em
I know the feelin’ fam, and what it mean to be
Constantly seekin’ a source of heat
Conviced we were born of sorcery
Remember lessons from the book of spells taught to me
I can’t recall whatever caused me to forget em, but – uh
I lost the rhythm and missed steps, it cost me my
Position on the queue, fall back til everybody got a
Chance and gone through; dipped out the melting pot
I should have gone by “fondue,” comically tho – c’mon dude
Should have just stayed on point, tendu
Should have weathered that monsoon and do like Tom do;
Turn the wreckage into a pontoon
When as a kid you learn to whittle with a pocket knife
You get a glimpse of what your lot in life is lookin’ like
Field dressed big game; what kind of trapper
Hasn’t ever caught a rabbit and don’t know how to cook it right?
1:7, my connection to the Brooklynites
Bedouin brethren, we bettin’ with some crooked dice
Gypsy genes, we the meanest on the market
Bazaar shit – breakin’ wallets on some fake carpets
Tradin’ dollars for goods, and I’m surviving like you thought I would
Whether by the grace of god or some phenomena yet to be completely understood
Hard concrete shiftin’ under the foot,
Just hold on (hold on…)

Yeah, we all do it differently
Hold your peace, show us each a little sympathy
We’re experimenting with the chemistry
Be still, don’t nothin’ move but the energy..

I swear the POTUS is a puppet
And the whole system corrupted
Your freedom aint free and it’s never in the budget
So the rich get richer and the poor buy dumb shit
They want us all to lean on the republic
For which it stands but I don’t believe in crutches, so
Farewell to welfare – hello to the hustlers
Blue collar heros, yeah I understand the hunger
Hard workin’ single mothers keepin’ food in the cupboard
She work, hard for the money – rest in peace Donna Summer
Sharpin’ up my spear, I’m the hunter
And we don’t fill out the census because we are more than numbers
Pour me up a glass of Jameson
Fuck the rules cause I came to win
Stand firm, we never
Sway in the wind, so I – say it again
Stand firm in the midst of the hypocrisy
This is the philosophy my grandfather taught to me
He said “work hard, play hard – til you’re in the graveyard”
And don’t take everything the devil has to offer me
So I keep these demons off of me, can’t let them John Coffee me
I get the big picture so that bullshit don’t bother me
You are not my enemy cause I believe in synergy
Been lied to so long that it’s our favorite tendencies
So I drop jewels like a heist at Tiffany’s
Over these Todd Sykes symphonies
Yeah we all do it differently
Hold your peace and show a little sympathy.. 

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