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Mark Wynter piosenki

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Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Babe, I'm gonna leave you, Tell you when I'm gonna leave you, Leave you when ol' summer-time, summer comes a-rolling, Leave you when ol' summer comes along. Babe, that highway's a-callin', That old highway's a-callin', Callin' me to travel on, travel on out w...

Go Away Little Girl

Go away, little girl Go away, little girl I'm not supposed to be alone with you I know that your lips are sweet But our lips must never meet I belong to someone else And I must be true Oh, go away, little girl Go away, little girl It's hurting me mor...

Venus in Blue Jeans

She's Venus in blue jeans Mona Lisa with a pony tail She's a walking talking work of art She's the girl who stole my heart My Venus in blue jeans Is the Cinderella I adore She's my very special angel too A fairy tale come true They say there's 7 wonders in the...