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Mark With A K piosenki

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Forever Young

We are young, we are free We are who we wanna be Live and fight for our right To feel the rush tonight We are strong, we are wild And we take control tonight Just one chance to find the light And we'll shine like stars tonight This life is ours forev...

Love Rules The Universe

Look at us a generation of raves. And with they fear is the liberated minds that dont believe there lies no more. A nation of nightcretiurs and i wanna be head of state. I wanna rule and make the laws no fack the laws i will make a constitution that is eas...

Music is my Alibi

Take me as I am Take my life, take my sin Free me from everything That I despise, I'm giving in No faith in this life Take me back where it began The faith in me Ohhh From dusk 'til dawn Ohhh We grow strong Ohhh We stand and fight Ohhh Break fre...