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Fuck You [repeat through intro]

Waz sup Waz happenin

This Weebie Trill young savage aka Lil Baton Rouge

howeva you wanna me (Big Head Boy you stay yo ass outta jail)

now look at the bad bitches nigga

fuck them industry niggas

niggas made it hard on me

but ima keep it in the streets

long as i got my cds nigga im straight

ya heard me nigga

lets go this real nigga shit haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..


Damn nigga how you do it like that

Make the gangsta ass niggas bump to music like that

Make them bitch fine hoes shake they bootie like that

21 row scrap wit lil boosie it like that

Play mad games wit me

I'll do ya like that

I'm a grown man

bitch pursue me like that

Smoke nothin' but the best

cruise and lay back

with some trill niggas

that I knew just way back

Still young

I ain't caught my first murder case yet

Stay scrappin'

and can't wait to push a nigga face back

Number one on 1-oh-6

still around the racetrack

still hangin' in the mix

where I ain't safe at

I'm on some foolishness shit

with these rugers and shit

I'm on some run in your house bitch

you move and get hit

I can't take out my grill

cause I can't take out this reel

I'm the savage shit trille

and from my heart man I feel



fuck you

yeah I fucked your bitch nigga

fuck you

And you better not say shit nigga

fuck you

yeah you be runnin' that shit nigga

Fuck you

you ain't got none of that shit nigga


fuck you

yeah I fucked your bitch nigga

fuck you

And you better not say shit nigga

fuck you

yeah you be runnin' that shit nigga

Fuck you

you ain't got none of that shit nigga

[Pimp C:]

I did your bitch outta pocket

put some dick in her ass

I got a 84 baritz and its sittin on glass

I'm a young pimp nigga

with a whole lotta swagger

And I roll like a stone

like my name Mick Jagger

pussy niggas can't fuck with the pimp in the savage

we gettin' sucked in every city

make a whole lot of cabbage

Gettin' head on the regular level ya ain't shit

some real trille niggas for life up in this bitch

I never go to war without that motherfuckin' gun

Down south bitch we like DMC and run

Like chuck D say bitch my oozie weigh a ton

I might be on parole but bitch I'll knock out ya lungs

I come from the city where they sell cocaine

Ya get caught sniffin

niggas knock out ya brain

Leave a lump in ya lap

your tongue in your dash so I bust 17

and I smashed the gas



fuck you

yeah I fucked your bitch nigga

fuck you

And you better not say shit nigga

fuck you

yeah you be runnin' that shit nigga

Fuck you

you ain't got none of that shit nigga


fuck you

yeah I fucked your bitch nigga

fuck you

And you better not say shit nigga

fuck you

yeah you be runnin' that shit nigga

Fuck you

you ain't got none of that shit nigga

[Lil Boosie:]

Fuck you nigga

my bloodline sicker

make a quarter outta nickel

been like that since I was little

From the hood

where the killas keep them pistols smokin'

swishas drink liquor bang a nigga

southside gangsta nigga

fuck everything you goin' through

badazz'll punish you

show no love

love will get you killed

so here we come for you

gats a gat a stack's a stack

my click they'll beast

it's goin' down where we roam

in the hotel suite

old lady gone crazy

caught me rollin up 3

beat that pussy out her drawers

and I put her to sleep

you bullshittin' with me

boy my nerves stay bad

get one of my convicts out the hood to put that dick in ya ass



fuck you

yeah I fucked your bitch nigga

fuck you

And you better not say shit nigga

fuck you

yeah you be runnin' that shit nigga

Fuck you

you ain't got none of that shit nigga


fuck you

yeah I fucked your bitch nigga

fuck you

And you better not say shit nigga

fuck you

yeah you be runnin' that shit nigga

Fuck you

you ain't got none of that shit nigga


fuck all yall niggas

If you ain't rollin' with us,

fuck you nigga

Nigga makin' all these broad statements

you'll be on a motherfuckin' shirt


face the shit nigga

If your ass washed up you washed up

it's a new era nigga

for this gangsta shit

and we don't play no games

yall niggas be rappin' bout that shit

but we put that tool on yo bitch ass nigga

go shit yo ass down nigga

garbage ass nigga

bfi ass nigga

nigga we got in this shit straight off you know

real shit

we got in these streets our damn self

nigga makin these

we goin' let that shit go

But you know what

F-U-C-K- You muthafucka nigga fuck 

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What About Me

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Words Of A Real Nigga

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