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Uh huh Lil Boosie this me nigga gangsta ima do some shit some real shit


I been goin' thru some thangs

And don't nobody understand me man

I want ride candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

Hopin' my niggas stay the same

But they always change

I been goin' thru some thangs


I been goin' thru some shit

From my niggas to my bitch

And these niggas wanna stitch

I wanna get rich

Plus sometimes I don't believe (why?)

Tryin' to sell 100,000

But they burnin' my CD's (thats fucked up)

Biggas and bitches


Won't you get me help

Get your ass up off the computer

And buy this shit up off the shelf

Cause I wanna ride candy man

Just like the others

Sometimes I wish I shoulda take the good route

Like my brother

These niggas say they love ya

But they get dope

How you a rat like that

And try to steal ya ho

I still cope

And these niggas wanna rap about you

Know you a soldier

But they still wanna bring that savage out you

To get exposed

And these hoes they for the money

Tell your old lady dirty lies

But they know they frontin'

Check this out

In baton rouge

It's real wicked

And you can't go platinum now here

Cause this ain't New York City

And all my cousins doin' time

Thuggin' in the pen

I'm thinkin' bout em

Everytime I take a sip of henn

And I ain't gonna lie

I don't wanna be like cammaflogue

I met him one week

The next week he died

I almost cried



I been goin' thru some thangs

and don't nobody understand me man

I want rock candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

hopin' my niggas stay the same

but they always change

I been goin' thru some thangs

and don't nobody understand me man

I want rock candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

hopin' my niggas stay the same

but they always change

They hatin' cause I'm VIP

Ride through my city

With my hat bent like TIP

I'm all G

They got a niggas signin a deal

But they can't talk like I be talkin'

Cause I spit the real

Till I get killed

These niggas changin' like a weather

Think he your nigga

But you lookin' at the fuckin' devil

Who want your bezzle

And that voice that he wish he had

Jealousy got niggas creepin' down to bust ya ass

We livin' fast

But you notice I got em B

Money cars clothes and hoes

Till they pocket me

This for my niggas down in Texas

All the fuckin' swingers

Who got the whole other side of town

Wanna thank em

I'm stressin' cause the things I did

Not wearin a rubber got me stuck now with three kids

This shit is real

Wish I had a real friend to holla

They tend to laugh

When I tell em bout my fuckin problems

But I be stackin' the feds

So I be straight when I'm gone

I been prayin' for webbie

Cause webbie wild with that crown


I been goin' thru some thangs

And don't nobody understand me man

I want ride candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

Hopin' my niggas stay the same

But they always change

I been goin' thru some thangs

And don't nobody understand me man

I want ride candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

Hopin' my niggas stay the same

But they always change


I'm sippin gallons tryin' to ease the pain

Hopin my niggas keep it gutta

But they seem to change

That's why I'm solo

Blowin' dodo in a different city

Thinkin' these niggas tryin' to do me

But they rollin' wit me

My ho da sickest

But she listen to what the streets say

That got me stressin

Cause she might be leavin' anyday

I try to pray

But when I holla he ain't holla back

That's why I'm missin' prayer daily

Tryin' to get these stacks

Why that

The situation that I'm in

The judge tryin' to send me to the pen

And give me ten

And do me in

Got me stressin' on some major shit

My mama agin'

And my grandma and my baby's sick

This hatin' shit

Got me one step away from clickin'

This me against the world livin'

Got all my people bitchin'

I look my mama in her eye

Told her respect the game

She like boosie leave it alone

Look at craig ganes



I been goin' thru some thangs

And don't nobody understand me man

I want ride candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

Hopin' my niggas stay the same

But they always change

I been goin' thru some thangs

And don't nobody understand me man

I want ride candy man

I been goin' thru some thangs

Hopin' my niggas stay the same

But they always change


That's real life right here

You go through so much

You know what I'm sayin'

Nigga be thinkin' nigga be ballin'

But a nigga be strugglin' at the same time

Why they be ballin' man

I been goin' through some thangs

I been goin' through some thangs

And don't nobody understand me man

I want rock candy man

But don't nobody understand me man

I want rock candy man

But don't nobody understand me man 

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My Avenue

Hey, you can catch me on my avenue, I'll show you what this money do. Boosie Badazz!(Hey you can catch me on my avenue)Superbad! Yo turn up Boosie Ba...

My Struggle

[Talkin'] Boosie boo!! Boosie boo, nigga!! And I be like the best nigga at this shit right now, word for word, life story for life story, mane I'm...

Miss Kissin' On You

Boosie badass When you miss somebody, you miss somebody That's how it is (straight up) I'm a send this out to the few women I was in love with (was...

Done It All


Niggas Ain't Shit

[Spoken:] Boosie Bad Azz, nigga. This for them niggas who think a nigga owe them some, But ain't give a nigga nun when they was coming up. I remem...

That's What They Like

[Bridge:] Dats what they like Oh u like dat huh Dats what they like Oh u like dat huh Dats what they like Oh u like that huh Dats what they lik...

Show The World ft. Webbie, Kiara

I just wanna show the world That I really do this shit That I really make quality street music, Know what I'm talking about And it ain't no mistake t...

Tear It Down

[Webbie:] Bootin in this bitch up on top of everybody like we flew up in this bitch we up in this bitch Ion care who up in this bitch we'll lose it i...

The Rain

I lost my daddy at 14, I lost Trell at 12, life in jail. Ain't it funny how the money makes you seperate the real and fake? I started off small time...

Top Notch

[Chorus:] Top notch whips that's What I drive 24 inches rims & tires Hatin ass niggas can't believe they eyes They starin me down, And I don'...

No Mercy

[Intro:] [Lil Boosie:] My ghetto retarted (retarted retarted retarted) dumb way (dumb way) dumb way (dumb way) off that dumb shit (dumb shit) with m...


[Intro:] Muthaf**kin savage, trill e-n-t nigga, webbie u all ready know what time it is with me mane, I'm f**kin gangsta nigga, Fashow turn dat bass n...

Thugged Out

Niggas If you thugged out nigga Put your motherfuckin hoods in the air Boosie bad ass, Foxx nigga [Chorus x2:] How you livin, I'm thugged out H...

Smoking On Purple

[Lil’ Boosie talking] Ease your mind a little bit (ease your mind) Light up that blunt (light up that motherfuckin’ blunt) Lift back that sunroof (...


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Set It Off

you wanna talk shit? you wanna run your mouth? you want some gangsters front your motherfucking house? We'll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch o...


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They Dykin

[Chorus:] Bossie Bad Ass And 95% Of These Hoes Out There... Yea They Diking... Yea They Dikin... I Got Ma Bitch Up In The Room And Im Finna Rip Her...

Soft To Hard

If You Got Some Work Dats Soft Then I Can Make The Shit Hard... I got it I got it I got it Let's go now baby [Chorus: x2] If you got some work...

Wanna Be A Gangsta

Yeah So you sho you wanna be a gangsta? Sure bout dat lil daddy? [Verse 1:] Take a walk across that track where you see junkies pheens and robber...

What I Learned From The Streets

[Verse 1: Lil Boosie] Ok this what I learned from the streets Handle your beef Your playing with keys Sleep with your heat Your a role model if p...

When You Gonna Drop

[Intro:] I'm tired of all these bitch ass niggas asking me when I'm gonna drop. I got you niggas now. Say Mel and T gonna get this shit pressed up (uh...

Thug Me Like That

Now I promise you 2 cum home at nite Yea rite, I promise you 2 always treat you rite yea rite, I promise 2 be down 4 you n never chill but when im wit...

Undeniable Talent

[Verse 1:] Wake up and smell the coffee It's a new nigga in town Gotta shake them haters off me You know how Boosie get down I'm anit-social, nig...

Too Much

Trill Fam., Young Savage you can catch me Fresh kicks, fresh bows, and a fresh tee We two crucial ass hoes yea that's me Look at him his eyes close...

We Out Chea

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The Ride Home Freestyle

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U Down To Ride

Man I was raised round thugs nigga Man its Lil Booosie the 2005 juvi in the hemi with the tooly I got them yellow eyes like my daddy eyes With a lo...

What About Me

This how they got me feeling right now, Look, nigga what about...me, what about boo They holla juvy, They holla jigga,they holla t.i.p They holl...

Who Can Love U

now who's gonna love you like me (nobody) who gon do you like me (nobody) who gon kiss you like me (nobody) who gon freak you like me (nobody) Ye...

Top To The Bottom

It was all a dream I used to write raps in my notebook A baby G tryin' to walk like Eazy-E [2pac] was the shit to me In my front room tryin to si...

Wipe Me Down

[Intro] Mr. Wipe Down in this biatch Down ya heard me Foxx-a-million This one be the remix Badazz, Savage life, Foxx-a-million Man you already know wh...

Wipe Me Down Remix

("Mouse drop the track, that'll make you bounce with 'at") [Hook - repeated 8X in background] Cause I'm on (wipe me down!) Cause I'm on (wipe me down...

Words Of A Real Nigga

[Verse 1:] From sun down to sun up, be bout ya come up You wake up to get ya cake up, be bout ya paper Never snitch, take ya silence to the grave w...