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Josh Charles piosenki

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Healing Time

When your life turns to shambles And you can't see your way through And the nail starts to rust The wound starts to bleed And you can't catch your breath Your heart beats like a drum And the world around you is a blur All you need is healing time To...

Life Ain't Fair

I was building cars up in Detroit 'Til the imports did us all in Worked a Gulf of Mexico oil rig And then got laid off by the wind Been living life like a gypsy Willin' to work anywhere Bad luck stayin' just one step behind Life ain't fair. I lost my...

The Waiting Game

Waitin' for the phone to ring Been waitin' for that call Waitin' tables in the daytime Waitin' mornings for the train Waitin' for my check to clear so I can pay the rent Waitin' to win the lottery got my fingers crossed again Waitin' for the sun to r...