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Josiah and the Bonnevilles piosenki

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Can You Hear It

I can't stop you girl from crying But I can write a song to catch your tears In the morning, I'll come a roaring Can you hear it I can't stop the day from dying But I can sing the sunset for your ears Gold and Orange, slowly falling Can you hear it I d...

Cold Blood

i got a girl she only puts out water in the night in the day and in the morning wakes me up man i shake her to the bone to calm her down to stop the mournin got a heart that only fills me up with cold blood i got a brain that only fills me with co...

Lie With Me

I'm sorry I sometimes say too much I'm sorry that your love is not enough I'm sorry if these chains too tight I'm sorry I can't say these words right But if you lie with me I can make you stay I can wake you from this bad dream Our love can die another...