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Josh Devine & Ollie Green piosenki

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Here To Stay

Darling, Tell me where are you going? I'm falling, didn't you notice? Didn't you notice? We've been talking You can't feel my emotions I'm trying so hard to show them But I'm frozen And the words in my mouth I said in my mind But never out loud Th...

Never Fade

Ollie: Here again Swimming in this memories Of you, my friend All the things you said to me Replay round my Head these night Don't leave me now Cause you Grew Wings too soon Can you hear me ? refren/Ollie: I'm tired of saying i'll see...

Through The Fire

So tell me what are you waiting for Gotta stand up and take it on Cause when I look in your eyes I see a fighter through the fire Don't turn it down if it's all that really matters Don't let it go if it's what you really want So raise the bar never set...