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Consciousness Distorted

There are many things that consume our turn of mind like a spiteful snake inside blind fury shrouds thoughts as well apathy petrifies your will at all You spend all the time just thinking and accusing yourself of what you have not done what would it...


Hell is inside me! Verse 1: Have you ever felt, That beneath the cover, Visionary wealth And successful life Faith is cut by knife Thoughts are pale and sour. No more desire! All causes remorse, Things are losing meaning, There is no such force,...

Lament of Opressed Mind

Verse 1 Last decades we have discovered more than We could just imagine in past centuries, But our mind can hardly be called modern, It's affected by a strange disease. Mankind's lost it's trust in further progress, In ability to change the present wor...

Unapparent Substitution

Verse 1 Mother! You say justice? But I see People going insane, praising wild rivarly. No feeling! Father! Yoy say progress? Tell me why We've abandoned all hopes and desire to fly? Still dreaming Of the next world Where mean intents are not fold By...