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Choosing For You

[Verse 1: Metropolis] The obscure hand, I move in Fingertips draped in loose string Lurking about unknown, a ghost You all move limb, at a dude's whim When I boost the trim? That's the switch You're my slave, yeah, you're my bitch Jerk your whole life r...

Make Those Move

[Verse 1: Metropolis] It's full force when I step to the fore Bringing you that fuel sourced fresh from the core The flow penetrates to depths on the floor Cutting sharp like I had the verse etched in a sword It's our time, merking on set, we drop the liv...

Powerplay (Broken Note Remix)

Powerplay Dust these suckers off Keep it fuckin' raw Got that gully sheeit Plus we at the top Keep it dutty fam And we don't ever stop [Verse 1: Orifice Vulgatron] We ain't down for the chat We on a PS ting pounds in da bag Goons in a whip inna beef...