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You left me this morning And I begged you to stay A few words later I gave you away So take a good look at me now I'm as cold as stone I'm singing this lonely song To say goodbye I know I ain't supposed to cry But I do for you Why won't you come back So we c...

Shoot me up

It's either love or hate I cannot relate I think I've lost my faith It's all the same my legs are too lame for this Cruel game Everytime I've loved it's too much bad luck And it makes me sad Such a crazy world it's hard for me to Understand Shoot me u...

Wish God Was a Woman

your scent still sleeps in my bed the click and clacking from your high heels in my head and now my tears are dancing with the rain painting a picture of you on the pavement chorus every time i look at you i wish god was a woman too a woman just like y...