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G'IYAZ piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Good Life

Intro: Yeah, you know I just wanna make impacts when I get there. Get a record deal, make money, dollars, pounds, nairas. Conquer the industry, go round the world. And most importantly, i wanna be successful mehn.... Inna mean? G'Iyaz, Tally ho! Vers...

H.U.S.T.L.E (Ft. King Henry VIII)

Intro: G'Iyaz... Tally ho! (Verse 1: G'IYAZ) Woke up in the morning Missed the early jogging My boss buzzed multiple times, I gotta call him Cos I, need that bling bling So I go ring ring Bursting the heat, couple of deals till my dream real Scanning,...

No Worry (Ft. Kasidy)

Girl i want to know oh oh, if this your love is for real Cos i get e London girls Wey like e London boys I get e fine fine girls Dem just want ATM Nne i say No worry o No worry o Wedding na for miami o Follow me o (verse 2: G'Iyaz) Omalicha nwa Nne...