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G-Unit f. 50 Cent piosenki

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A Little Bit Of Everything

[Skip] Everytime I'm in the kitchen, you in the kitchen Let me finish this brick, 'fore you put that fish in Listen, I know we just came from fishin But I'm on a mission, you see, there's money that I'm missin I got 'em posted, so the move and I'm gonna murder...

I like The Way She Do it

BRIDGE (50 Cent) I Like the Way she do it I Like the Way she do it I Like the Way she do it I Like the Way she do it CHORUS (50 Cent) I Said I Like the Way she do it, She put her back into it Then she drop it low, to gets the doe I Like the Way she d...

Surrounded By hoes

"Surrounded By Hoes" [Chorus: repeat 2X] Everywhere I'm at everywhere I go, I stay surrounded by hoes Even when I'm tryin to be on the low, I'm recognized by hoes Man, its gotta be cause of the dough, its got to be cause of the dough Cause the game sure wasn'...