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G'IYAZ H.U.S.T.L.E (Ft. King Henry VIII) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

Intro: G'Iyaz... Tally ho!

(Verse 1: G'IYAZ)

Woke up in the morning

Missed the early jogging

My boss buzzed multiple times, I gotta call him

Cos I, need that bling bling

So I go ring ring

Bursting the heat, couple of deals till my dream real

Scanning, as I be paving the way

No bar on the note, hardly taken a day

Still I, facing challenges

Straight in 'em faces

My fears? Embraced it

Patting my back like it's your dream, chase it

Need a condo, (Kondo) gotta get da green(Dagrin) yo

Trim sleep, pick biz quick and gap my pillow

My steelo real deep, ain't childish stuff like Gambino

Pablo Escobar passing in that hard kilo

Hit naira notes, next plan is to roll a dollar

The hustling going round like a Roller coaster

Crossing borders, grab G's then I manifest

Oh you folks think it's a bluff? Catch me at Memphis!

Hook: H.U.S.T.L.E, my hustle

Grind, play, sleep, wake, work, write, I love you (X2)

(Verse 2: G'IYAZ)

Been to hell serving time, mehn that trip be heavy

Gulped some bottles with Satan and we took a selfie

Now I'm burning with desire

Faded still, hoping I be copping all those things I require

In no time, eyes laced on the rolex

Cashing out, dating a fine chick with 'em bowlegs

Damn! And the music feed my soul

Like a striker with a role

Balling till I reach my goal


Mercurial change of my mind's a revolution

The definite conclusion; my choices be my evolution

Never knock the hustle

Right I'm stucked in this battle

My shield of faith slightly blocking all 'em beef, hassles

Mida's palm, and that's exactly what G'IYAZ be

Real like the prominent bars King Jigga Spill

I stay focused and blunt looking for better things

Steel heart, bone the waves, don't let the leather peel!

(Hook x2)

(Verse 3: King Henry Viii)

I beez on the grind, the beat dope? I be on the rhyme

Killin Mcs, you try me? You be on the line

Da mic reaper! Am known for sending geez on to God

They call me rabbit, they know i'll be smellin cheese all the time

Uh! Never slackin, am steady hustlin

From coast to coast

Feared and respected for all the microphones I'm

Known to roast

Rhyme subliminal, never ride on the minimal, rap's

General, nigga am slittin guts and cutting throats

The best motivation for the next generation, am destined

For greatness and blessed, untest as the bravest

When am rapping all the vets just embrace it

Countless wacks wanna hate it, but my testament?

Am destined for greatness yo

The bars am spitting

Both written and non written

An epitome of sickness, no if and buts, they're just


The bars is lifted, for every metaphor and pun i


Yeah bruh i did it, now no way out like puff diddy!

(Hook till fade) 

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