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Eyedea & Abilities Exhausted Love tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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To hell with the kind of work you have to do to earn a living

All it does is fill the bellies of the pigs who exploit us

Look at me, I'm makin' it. I may live badly

But at least I don't have to work to do it

To all you workers out there: Every single commodity you produce

Is a piece of your own death!

End of interview!

[Verse 1]

I'm so goddamn tired, can't tell if I'm done, or just un-inspired

And don't give me that you can be somebody speech

That ain't your place, let me be

I'm an example of a candle lit life

With electric relaxation, brain trampled by devotion

To remote control channel changin

Something provoked the whole globe to lower expectations

Damn, what's wrong with my generation?

We was the cream of the crop but it seems we've been robbed

That's what happens when you trade in all your dreams for a job

And every day it gets less and less exciting

I would make a difference but I'm busy faking this instead of trying

Change my shift from now to never and I'll pretend I'm fine

Why am I always stuck at the shitty end of the assembly line

I guess I'm built to be intoxicated with hope

Sometimes it's a journey, most of the time it's just a bad joke

And in my skull there's a junk drawer I can't organize

The first to come in last to leave we'll never be immortalized

This sort of life is completely overrated, I'm sick of being the

Only one I know that's trying to make it

So right now I'm heading home, got Sounds of Nature Volume 1 in

My headphones and half a bottle of prednisone

That's the reaction to an overdose of passion

Brainless, stagnant...ain't it magic?


I'm here, so what?

(the revolution won't be 'til tomorrow)

I'm dumb in touch

(do you have another hour I could borrow?)

I'm sane enough

(the revolution won't be 'til tomorrow)

Exhausted love

(do you have another hour I could borrow?)

(well the thing about tomorrow, I hesitate to say)

[Verse 2]

I never knew ambition could be so fuckin disgusting

I earn a good comission but it makes me feel so ugly

I'm on some not even knowing I'm an illuminatus just as long

As playin' agent don't disrupt my funeral's progress

I ain't changin for you I ain't reaching for the sky, I would

If you could give me one good reason why I should even try

Because after a while this never ending lame game of what's better

Could fracture your smiles mainframe forever

It's so fun to be in love..or so I've heard

The meaning has no feeling even though I understand the words

I used to try to make heaven right here on earth but that'll only

Happen if you find someone else to do the work

I'll be suprised when my psychosis turns out to keep the driving focus

While I hold the same blurred cloud as burnt out dope heads

So for now my worthless counterwork has found a purpose everytime a pound of dirt's produced I get my frown refurbished

Two for one specials, if you order shoulder devils, head swoll

Running out of petrol but I won't let go of this gas pedal

'Til I'm settled and they finally wet me with that sweet blind security

So insecure and messy, mark today the day that dedication died

Instead of saying goodbye, I'm staying praying that'll I'll stay alive

Because even though I know I hate to love you so much

I got no better place to go, that's why I always show up



I'm here, so what?

(the revolution won't be 'til tomorrow)

I'm dumb in touch

(do you have another hour I could borrow?)

I'm sane enough

(the revolution won't be 'til tomorrow)

Exhausted love

(Abilities, break it down)

[Outro - sample from Altered States]

- You're getting a divorce

- We're getting separated. We probably won't get around

To the divorce until next year

- I know it's none of my business, but why? You're married to one of the great women of the world who adores you. My God, if anybody has it made, you have

- She insists she's in love with me, whatever that is. What she means is she prefers the senseless pain we inflict on each other to the pain we would otherwise inflict on ourselves. But I'm not afraid of that solitary pain. In fact, if I don't strip myself of all this clatter and clutter and ridiculous ritual, I shall go out of my fucking mind. Does that answer your question?

- What question was that?

- You asked me why I was getting divorced

- Oh, listen, it's your life. I'm sorry I even asked

- Listen 

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