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Tekst piosenki

Can you take away the pain

So I won't ever feel again

Cause this hurts, but there's far worse,

To come

Can you look me in the eye

And tell me it will be alright

Cause right now, I'm so far down

There's no way up

So the bruises stay,

These horrible stains,

And I'm losing myself, I'm losing myself


Can you see my ways


It's always there, I've started not to care

How it's done

Can you see my soul

Buried deep in this hole

I'm fading, and I hate it

I'm gone

So the bruises stay,

These horrible stains,

And I'm losing myself, I'm losing myself (yeah)

All the promises you made,

Only so you could break them,

I'll never hurt you, (it's done)

You Have Won.

You Have Won. 

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