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You clutch

you gasp

you don't know what it was

but sure enough you're running for the door

you slip

it passed

it hurt so bad

please leave me alone

this time I can feel the tiny little hairs

on the back of my neck stand up

wake up screaming in the night

this time you came too close

but your number ain't up

so stand up, stand up, stand up

eyes of


you don't know what it was

but you don't have to worry anymore

so close

my god

so close

to leaving

leaving me alone

this time I can feel the tiny little hairs

on the back of my neck stand up

wake up screaming in the night

this time you came too close

but your number ain't up

so stand up, stand up, stand up

no I can't face it alone

I'm so accident-prone

who will bail me out?

no I'm not ready now

keep it steady now

don't you dare check out 

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