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Maybe you love me

maybe I'm a monkey

maybe you're just bored

with a belly full of drinks

so you wanna take me home and fuck me

maybe I'm a puppet

maybe I'm a prophet

maybe you're just bitter at your own shortcomings

so you're gonna do your best to stop it

either way you seem so confused

why I don't wear sandals for shoes

think you'd better focus your view

till the show expires

I'll be your messiah

do what I say, I say what you do

maybe I'm the greatest

maybe you don't know it

maybe you just over think my simple songs

and review me as a second-rate poet

maybe I'm the flavor

maybe I'm your savior

maybe I just got inside your fucked up head

and told you what to think about your neighbor

either way you seem so confused

why I don't wear sandals for shoes

think you'd better focus your view

till the show expires

I'll be your messiah

do what I say, I say what you do

either way you seem so confused

why I don't wear sandals for shoes

think you'd better focus your view

either way you seem so confused

why I don't wear sandals for shoes

think you'd better focus your view

till the show expires

I'll be your messiah

do what I say, I say what you do 

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