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A Lifelike Story piosenki

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All Things Considered

The water flows and waves unwind as the mist fills the air I’d give my life away for just one chance to take you there Drenched in nothingness with no escape no need to hide Time goes by The sun would round the sky as if it were a spy You wouldn’t be there lik...

Dawn Of Disaster

Why can’t I stop It’s coming out this pain in me I’m full of doubt I can’t get away It’s an endless fight as it gets worse I lose my might I’m giving up as this fight goes on My memories are almost gone As I drift away, losing time I’m a memory in my own mind...

Never Been Better

You told me out of the blue You broke me into two million pieces I couldn’t believe it But now I’m feeling a little relived And now I’m feeling a little relived It’s over never been better Since you left me I’m finally flying Free from the burden you plac...

We've Got The Night

When the clock strikes 12 its time to go Where we’re going we don’t know We’ll know it when we get there That it’s where we wanna be Cause tonight’s the night to cross the line We’re going crazy Say it together now lets all break Out tonight don’t try and st...