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Tekst piosenki

I've build my world around your life
Got no reason to deny
I took a trip up to the stars
So I could be right where you are
I need to see
I got to feel it
The look of yours just got me dreaming
No escape
Don't go leaving
Look at me

Euphoric eyes
Shine so bright
Through that fading sun light
Euphoric eyes
Be mine
Be afraid of daylight

Euphoric eyes

You can make them world's collide
And watch them fall with open eyes
It's up to you
So divine
You put me straight then make me slide
I need to see
I got to feel it
The look of yours just got me dreaming
No escape
Don't go leaving
Look at me

Euphoric eyes
Shine so bright
Through that fading sun light
Euphoric eyes
Be mine
Be afraid of daylight

Euphoric eyes

You're taking me over
You build me up inside
You're taking me over

Euphoric eyes
Shine so bright
Through that fading sun light
Euphoric eyes
Be mine
Be afraid of daylight

Euphoric eyes

Euphoric eyes
Shine so bright
Through that fading sun light
Euphoric eyes
Be mine
Be afraid of daylight

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