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I've got your name not your number

I heard you found some better place

All I can do is wonder

Whatever made you leave that day?

I’d need to know a reason

Before I ask for a second chance

I’d be down on my knees

If you came back again

Cause I’m curious what you’re doing

I’m curious where you’ve been

Cause the way you make me feel

Has never changed


I’m curious what you’re thinkin’ of

I’m curious if it’s me

Cause the way you make me feel

Has never changed


Take your time to remember

But don’t you take me for a fool

It’s getting tough and I wonder

Did I ever give up on you?

I need to know a reason

Before I ask for a second chance

I’ll be down on my knees

If you'll came back again

Curious what you’re doin’

I’m curious where you’ve been

Cause the way you make me feel

Has never changed

Cause I’m curious what you’re thinkin’ of

I’m curious if it’s me

Cause the way you make me feel

Has never changed

Did I ever? Did I ever? Did I ever give up on you? (x4) 

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