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Apathy of the Immortal

Behold me Unscathed by the moons And I wonder from shore to shore Searching for hope Upon the elysium seas the echoes of worlds old Seeking the truth Yet here I am...alone Traversing the tides of time The tides come and go And so the ri...

In the Hollows of Pathos

The serpent screams to the air for my soul In the horizon I wait for my end Wound me, deceive me, and kill me I'm in the hallows of pathos Into the dark shadows And I behold a sea of dead stars the remnants emanates from my sins And chained to m...


There's a demon chained me to the pillars of my corporeal soul It provokes and taunts my existence To see an Immortal bleed In a shroud of misanthropia, it borrows within my skin To remind me of my stigma The symbiotic darkness that hungers for me...

The Last Arbiter

From the the dust of star decay I've walked amongst gods Upon these hands are marks of wisdom To guide you to the stars Ive gazed upon the throne And the cycle continues on Truth has no worth For the vain I, I’ve warned you and your sons Th...

Watchers of Xan

Watch the urn for blood it holds Lift the veil and speak the tomes Darkness whispers wyrm and snares bathe the serpent with your spears Watchers O' the Wayfinder