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Cheap Date

You're just a cheap date Theres nothing left to say when Your innocence is forever gone Plagued our scene with filth and STD's Cheap turns too slut, know that you Did this to yourself Your just a bitch in every way there Is and for the record you...

Count Your Lies

Your passion to win was false Now you'll fall, like the rest This two-faced shit, gets too old Old enough to want to die You fucked around with misery Its gonna turn on you like the rest of Us when we found out who you really Where, and who you denied to be Op...

Fuck You Geraldo

Bite your tongue, Turn your words around Your salvation is limited This time you have no say, We will shut you down Keep our lives and our ways Miles from your mouth 

Jumping Ships

This is where I'm from This is where I belong You will never know Reno straight edge We will never fall Reno straight edge The tragedy of your friends giving up Will be the hardest thing in life to Comprehend, this stops here Start jumping ships,...


This is real I am my own enemy I am my own enemy in this game called Life as we speak This is the turning point of our lives The one chance we have We will never have again Not even addiction can tie me down My silence, never hit your ground W...

Seeing Is Denying

Your world fell apart Your world fell apart with the Downfall of your clenched fist In our eyes, you don't even exist You don't exist You don't exist in our eyes Nothing but a trick in our minds I'll take your hate and stab you in the chest, in...

Trust And Believe

Just let me go down, my own road Till the fucking end my x's go Down with me Deeper then my own grave Further then you could ever see Since you sold out, you proved Your fucking weakness, just a train Wreck to the end, sell out From the beginni...