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Apocalypse Unsealed

Apocalypse Unsealed The end of days has come and gone The apocalypse unsealed In the ancient Persian land The truth has been revealed The prophecy has been fulfilled To revive our sacred Earth Humankind must now return To its noble birth Chaos reig...

Carry On

Carry On Into the realm beyond the veil Our spirits linger on And though your earthly time has come to its end You know your voice will carry on Carry On! And when the silver cord is cut Leave all the world behind Becoming stars and shining lights...

Dawntide's Breeze

Dawntide's Breeze Destroy the hatred in your heart And fill it up with thoughts of love You must believe in your own destiny And let dayspring set you free Confront the darkness in yourself You can't rely on no one else Just walk the path That puts...

Earthling - Losing Sight

Earthling - Losing Sight Ancient one within, your eyes they fade your connection to reality dangles by a thread World is closing in hopelessly you'll fall to its ways mindlessly you'll succumb to rituals that claim your nights and days Cloudy mirr...

Echoes (of the Way We Lived)

Echoes (of the Way We Lived) Echoes of the ways we lived We are drawn to the place where all life begins Era will come to its end Roots destroy what they paved And a new day is dawning again Survival causes structures to change We are no unified and...

Endless Crusade

Endless Crusade paint a cross on your shield make a crescent of your sword 

Eternally There

Eternally There you won't be needing all those things you own to live your life 

False Dreams

False Dreams People are crawling on their knees Mass consumption their disease They try to keep their families safe From threats created by the state And as the years go rolling by They slowly start to lose their rights They're taught to bill to fil...

Golden Age

Golden Age High-born sage brought forth from the heavens Came with signs to mark his birth Golden Age- of wisdom and virtue Time of justice for the earth The Day arrived- foretold by the ancients Healing hatred with his pen Claim denied- and facing r...

Heralds of the Dawn

Heralds of the Dawn Black banners wave across the red sky the silence broken by their shattering cries 

Lost in the Darkness

Lost in the Darkness Without a light they've grown so confused they've lost their sight 

Man of Two Visions

Man of Two Visions Gotta find the thing That gives dimension to my life This quest is not in vain My soul it must take flight The lights and suns inside They still remain concealed What holds me back from facing What I know is real? Cycle continue...

Mountain Stomp

Mountain Stomp You know how hard I try To remove this cage from my mind The secret to living well Is to break through your mortal shell The world is nothing but a show Empty, vain and so cold Is freeing yourself from desire 

Running OutRunning Out

Running Out Riding out tonight - I'm leaving I'm not part of this game Forget this race of a life you're leading I won't become just the same You would try to control my mind And dictate all my life But I won't believe in all your lies I'll leave the...

Secrets of the Mind

Secrets of the Mind Share the secrets of your mind they're gonna leave you all behind 

Shadow of Reality

Shadow of Reality Don't put your trust in anything you see This world's a shadow of true reality They'll take your body - don't let them take your mind Don't join the ranks of the blind leading the blind A passing wave - a mirage not long to be It wi...

Sunlight Shines

Sunlight Shines Down on the field forests dark and shady grow 


Temple Into this form we're born - a temple raised O moving form of dust! Rise through the haze As above below, without within Temple of man stand tall - and transcend The vessel for the soul - it seeks its ground Absorbing rays and waves - embracing...

Valkyrie - Mountain Stomp

Valkyrie - Mountain Stomp You know how hard I've tried to remove this cage from my mind the secret to living well is to break from your mortal shell The world is nothing but a show empty, vain and so cold the secret to living life is freeing yoursel...

VOG - The Stepping Stones of Humane Survival

VOG - The Stepping Stones of Humane Survival We hide ourselves in paradise These homes away from life Why we do what we do? We can not always explain This truth is not a restraint Merely a vision of neccessary means Paradise is burning - right befor...