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Valhall piosenki

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Journey to a moony northern land Worlds limb where the sea of mead begins Sun hides in an everlasting gloom. Seat of holy terror and beliefs Here the dream is my reality Shadowland with no hiding place Beautiful images beyond All the adventures And yo...

Childhood Memories

When you are kingly dressed In a cloud of childhood memories Crawling down in That warm safe box Your thoughts carry Golden linings Floating back to that wooden shack Drifting into your childhood zoo And this phantom bird that you Once saw hidden in...


Gravity pulls your wings to the ground In a way that no man understands. Symbols buried by time and dust Or cleaned so bright they blind us all My ship sailed without me, He did mourn, My race has long since died (and) Why was I born Oh red stuff H...

Livets Søyle

Stor men likevel ikke Trosfast men samtidig ei Fanget i sin egen rot Fri av vinden som suser gjennom kronen Livets søyle Livets søyle Noen kroket av livets tann Andre staselig ranke i sin unge kraft Livets søyle Livets søyle 


When you fall to sleep The you gonna reach Mars And in my endless dreams Luna scream with no gain When I gonna die I think I will fly The spectres from the light Are making death to an art Sleep forever Dream my way Floating away on a sunbeam Of a...

The Dream of a Jester

Who will fly away with me Who will help me out of the dark Who can reach out a hand to me Who can show me tomorrow Getting taller still I'm growing On the 20th floor of a five store building Now I have to go Go away and I'll take you with me No one ca...