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Desolate distress call brings me to a cold dark place Where man has morphed into necrotic beasts Plagued by murder and suicide, it was assured that all would die They crawled through every crevice, every vent, waited behind every corner Relentlessly...

God's Blanket

How am I here, why am I alive? Last night I was sure to die blood stained pillow, piss stained mattress, it all starts to make sense Who is that emaciated being in the mirror? By every perception I swore to powder I was no whore Upheave the toxins, ma...


We thought they'd never come, hidden past the galaxies edge we were never expecting their ethereal wrath But they came from the heavens ready to exterminate our existence Nothing could be done, by arrival they had won, why try to run? Multiple specie...


Welcome all my darkest friends, let the ritual commence Before us an unholy trinity A whore, her daughter, a sadist - lets slaughter! x2 Lash by lash there soon will be death, nothing but burned bodies Fuck her in the beaten pussy, all her tears make...


The magnetic light on the hill Coupled with the piercing screech Thousands of haunted figures all to kill me Stemming from hate and vengeance buried deep in his past We are found in his great perversion seemingly trapped 

The Witch

Exiled from the purest of pure, family arrives in the land of her Not aware of impending terror (the family carries on) The witch stalks through branches and bush, the fifth child becomes first prey x2 Bathed in infant blood, she takes flight deep into...


Wake me up, end this nightmare What kind of premonition did I just see? A wicked nun tormented me She impaled my husband on a broken tree Now there's a calling from the other side of the world Cash me a check from lady death, these visions of you I'...