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The Project Hate MCMXCIX Into the Mouth of Belial tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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Face to face with my enemy

Face to face with my remedy

I see the outcome of what you did

I am the act that God forbid

Stare into the abyss

and feel its wrath engulf you

Forever marching forwards

through blackened tribulations

Hooves and sulfur in perfect orchestration

The day of darkness grants us

the massive devastation

Your madness is your weakness

The time has come to confess

The violence and disproportionate wrath

Has turned into a total mess

Evil minded creatures

wrapped around my finger

Suit yourself if you can't resist me

I can catch your filthy soul

in the palm of my hand

This is where I stand, kill me if you can

You have come to take what I have to offer

In a world of sheep

I'm the wearer of wolf's skin

I speak to your sons and daughters

The gospel of the horns,

the flesh and all sins

I open the door to anybody out there

Welcome to no man's land

Just for one day, just for today

No more killing if you're willing

to accept my wish

No more killing ground, no more death around

No more killing ground, just for one day

No more killing ground, no more death around

No more killing ground, so come what may

I have crossed the border

I will cross the border again and again

Where insanity reigns and darkness is eternal

I am King, The One Superior

You double crossed the light

and let the high priest consume you

Surgery of the soul. It's too late, can't wait

Surgery of the soul

Close your eyes and let this priestess seduce you

Surgery of the soul, execution the only solution

Surgery of the soul

Bearer of plagues - I will be your bearer of chaos

Bearer of death - You will be my bearer of pain

Light will shine through darkness

Chaos is my order, ashes to ashes

Du kommer aldrig bli förläten

I feel it's time to kill and now I know

I'll punish every man, I am the fire below

Light will be my darkness, blood will be my water

In ashes I will perish, du kommer aldrig bli förläten

I am the fire below

In ashes I will perish, du kommer aldrig bli förläten

Hands are tied, lips are blue

The vows you gave are no longer true

Marching on the brink of extinction

Gasping for air while searching for you

Everything is everything, this war is so devastating

Born to live, born to die

The bond that is between us we can't deny

I deal in pain and mass destruction

We must regain The Plague Attraction

I burn in Hell with all the others

I will be the answer that matters

The bridge you cross I will burn with pride

The everlasting fire is where you'll die

Mourn me not, for you know what's to come

When all is said and all is burnt,

my mission here is done

The mother of all whores,

abominations of the Earth

Filthiness and precious death

is brought down with His birth

Glorified in harlotry, unclean, ravished, divine

I am the Beast and your flesh is mine

No way, this is not okay

Keep your filthy hands off of my dignity

Everything is everything

This war is so devastating

Life to death, death to me

Your pain is everything, now I see

You try to tell me you can save me

You curse the Devil, I'm his lady

You're like me, you'll to become this horror

We can be in union with each other

No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper

And every tongue that rise against me I'll condemn

This is the heritage of the servants of the dark

And the righteousness is in me

You make me laugh, you make me cry

You make me wish that you will die

I can't be free while you're around

I'm going back to solid ground

I've tried so hard to catch the rainbow

The more I try, the less I see

I'm going to quit trying

I'm going to rest my tired feet

I've come to this final conclusion

As long as I bleed, I am free

Only one last prey in my wildest dreams

No one's going to turn me around

I can't hold back my feelings no longer

I've traveled too far, I can't let this one slip out

of my fingers, can't let go 

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Serenades Of Rotting Flesh

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Conjuration, abomination Standing in the flames, domination Deviation, accusation, saviour deleted Retaliation Perversion, distraction Weak suffering...


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The Divine Burning Of Angels

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The Great Retaliation Is Upon Them

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The Gospel of the Flesh and All His Sins

Nightmares and horror visions abandon all hope My body's hanging from a burning rope Waiting for my time to come, let creation be undone I'm facing...

We Watch in Silence as the Earth Turns to Blood

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I wade thru corpses in the trenches of hell I'm demon incarnate, a ritual of darkness Behold my victory, I served (it) so well Evangelistic annihilati...

The Swarming Of Whores

I turn My face away from God as the sight is too hard to bear It's turning black as Emotions choose to despair Caress the beauty of a Thousand forsake...

See the Filth Become Flames in This Furnace

Lust is my sin, aroused in me My lust has returned, breathe with me Sin is my lust, lust is my sin Wake up in me Sin is my lust, a spirit so damned Br...

The Burial of Gods

Come with me, I’ll bring you life I’ll bring you life through lifeless damned eyes By these hands you’ll be mine By these hands you’ll witness nothing...

They Shall All Be Witnesses

Into the valley of death I walk alive The renegade of a world of blind man He spoke to me, whispered, taunted Lies of Christ, acceptance denied Speak...

The Locust Principles

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A Revelation of Desecrated Heavens

I'm the Whore, I'm the Saint and the Virgin Dawn of man, revelation and the vermin Bleed the false, kill the truth, I am judgment I am fire, I am stor...

Annihilation Of All That Is Holy

When you thought it was over we bring our armies back full charge Set fire to the heavens, annihilate the foundation of god With demons raging and str...

And Damnation Is Forced Upon The Weak

Ashes to ashes, into the earth Bow your heads, you sheep of god As we take you down with us I bow my head for Satan, my master, my all I bow my head...

Arise to His World of Infamy

I’ll lick your wounds with my poisonous tongue For I am Lucifer, the bastard one I deem you repulsive, slaughtered and torn I deny the Christ you clai...

Behold as I Become the Great Cold Betrayer

It's in my eyes, your blood is raining from the sky I wonder why, I wonder why you had to die I'm still alive, I'm still alive, I'm flying higher t...

At The Entrance To Hell's Unholy Fire

Once again we bring Armageddon The battle was never lost With demons by our side, victorious we'll stand Our judgement is at hand Armageddon March E...

Bring Forth Purgatory

Life is the door to doom, dark angels awaiting Blood was shed, the red moon arises In lust I live, in hate I trust Lead the way to the gates of hell...

CarvingOut the Tongues Which Speak of Salvation

The revelation to crown the king of kings Let it be upon us, let it be upon thee Our wrath is glorious, your God is deceased Absolution, resolution...

Can't Wait

Save me angels for what it's worth I fall from grace now, see sweetness, see rebirth I damn your majesty and the cries of holy mourning I hunger for t...

Christianity Delete

I mourn (The angels, thee helpless ones) I'm sworn (To the black, the unholy one) You're torn (A victim of my sick mind) I'm beyond a man? I'm a god?...

Defy Those Words of Who Was, Who Is, and Who Is to Come

Hold your fire! Turn around, turn around You're intruding sacred ground, sacred ground For all those who have died, for the ones we have lost We w...


Body covered with blood and sperm as I shut the angels eyes Memory's failing but I am sure it was God That told me: they have to die I'm forever los...

Crawling Through The Infinite Fields Of Carnage

Hear me! It’s time to rejoice Satanic victory, the grand final choice You, whores of heaven, it’s time to repent Embrace the massacre and god’s hollow...

Blessed Are We To Be Lied Upon

Blessed are we who are sane in mind Blessed are we to see through lies Blessed are we to choose not to be blind Blessed are we with hollow eyes How b...

Believing Is Bleeding

Walk beside Me and seek serenity Walk with burnt wings, wings that I burned Inhale Me lost ones, experience My hell You are all lost in sweet beauty,...

Forsaken By The Naked Light Of Day

I stand here torn apart, misguided yet embraced I let the angels lead me to the state of their disgrace You're all sheep among us You're forsaken by t...

For Our Name Is Chaos Eternal

Unholy, return to dust Waters into blood, it’s our saviour’s blood Return to me, returning what’s lost Waters into dust, it’s our saviour’s blood Tor...

Godslaughtering Murder Machine

Do you know what I am? Do you fear who we are? Fear us as you fear God Because we bring death Do you know what I am? Do you fear who we are? Fear us...


In my dominion You die But first You'll suffer pain Your wings won't fly again Awaken from Your dwell As I force Your eyes to see the lies in Christ...


Surround me angels, surround me whores Things might not be as they are shown A world in flames and heaven's torn The serpent's resurrected, but not fo...

Disciples Of The Apocalypse

I breathe the endless lies and let the truth lie beside me Let the mourning cleanse my soul For my disciples yet to be my whole Walk with me children...

Hate Incarnate

Wake the dead, soldiers arise It's time to kill all what's divine Spill their blood, tear out their spines Rip, cut, murder, fuck Angels dead, bullet...


The end closes in for the fools On the night of Our return They'll pay with their lives When the bells chime, They will burn... Burn! As the night f...


Kill, You all shall die You all shall suffer before I turn... ...insane, and turn Satan that You create upon those who deserve My... ...demons, in l...

I Feed You the Flesh of Your Poisonous Christ

I feed you... I feed you the flesh of your irrelevant and poisonous Christ I owe you nothing but darkness, misery, famine and pain Haven’t you listene...

Holy Ground Is Not Safe Anymore

Fire, be my guide Walk with me, burn with me, join me in the stages of sacrifice Fire, be my God Bleed with me, perished be all that they think i...

Conquering the Throne of the Cadaverous

Tyranny comes from your God, fire will destroy you all Ravenous, infamous, the time has come to deliver us Cadaverous, murderous, the time has come to...


All that's lost will burn in hell... eternal... And all that's lost will burn in hell... eternal flame Come, gather... Congregate! Let's storm with...


Burn, weak one, burn Now I am god There's no return Once you've tasted My blood Demons lined up Grant angels Hate Dominate, Congregate It's time to E...

Descend into the Eternal Pits of Possession

Ah, I bleed on the cross For my sins, redeemed A life of evil Redeemed by the grace of god I make you wish you were never reborn You''re filth, the f...