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From this stomach comes these words

I have never felt so hurt

I have always tried to seem

Even nicer when I feel mean

From this mind comes these thoughts

One was tall and one was short

One was fat and one was thin

One was this thought I'm thinking in

Yeah when you do it, you do it pretty well

But you can go to hell... and stay there as well

From this texture fell a pattern

From a planet I saw saturn

Not mars or the other two

But that huge ring I ran round you

Yeah when you do it, you do it pretty well

But you can go to hell... and stay there as well

And don't come back

From this heart burst a feeling

I fell back stunned and reeling

I wouldn't like to ever leave

Hang on a minute you didnt like me

Yeah when you do it, you do it pretty well

But you can go to hell... and stay there as well

Stay there.. and don't come back

And don't come back x8 

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