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Taylor Hawkins

Utwory wykonawcy:

James Gang

Maybe this is all you get Wake up just to live through it Shell with owls and empty stair Too far gone to even care Rip the heart right off your sleeve Bound the truth won't set you free Maybe you'll always be the one On the wrong side of the gun May...

Louise feat. The Coattail Riders

Woke up in my head Good times never end With bad back to bend Close my eyes just in time Hands that I won't shake Bones that I can't break It takes time to change Fall in line, one more time Louise, it's me I'm a dead man walking down your street Lo...

Range Rover Bitch

They look at you no more, no more They're looking at you so bold, you hold The Range Rover bitch get off Breathe on your neck and they all The others can wait, the check will be late Said she'll take you to Heaven but she took you to the Hell They're lo...