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Tate Stevens

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Holler if you are with me

There's a front row scarecrow peekin' through Hogan's crops There's a Trans-Am cute thing taking off her t-tops There's a whole lot of honeys and they make a sweet backdrop To a sunset banjo tunin' up to rock Hey baby, wanna make a little music Pull out...

I got this

Got grease on my hands, my name on my shirt Twelve-hour-days, ain’t afraid to work Who-oh-oh-oh-oh I got this Got dirt on my boots, mud on my truck Long chain in the back if you get stuck, I got this Whoa, ain’t no law gonna get to heavy Ain’t no boat d...

Power of a love song

It can make you cry, it can make you laugh Give you feelings that you've never had make the worse of times just fade away Help you find the words that you don't know how to say The power of a love song Can make you believe The power of a love song...