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Tate Stevens Holler if you are with me tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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There's a front row scarecrow peekin' through Hogan's crops

There's a Trans-Am cute thing taking off her t-tops

There's a whole lot of honeys and they make a sweet backdrop

To a sunset banjo tunin' up to rock

Hey baby, wanna make a little music

Pull out your twang and show me how you use it


Holler if you're with me (x2)

It'll do you good to let loose a little

Let me hear you scream right there in the middle

Holler if you're with me

We're all free-fallin' in this field of country love

It's a head-bobbin' hand waving' sea of solo cups

Sweat drops rollin' off, mixin' in the moonshine mud

From all of the bumping and grinding, I just can't' get enough

Oh, can't you get enough?

Holler if you're with me

Holler if you're with me

It'll do you good to let loose a little

Let me hear you scream right there in the middle

Holler if you're with me

Holler if you're with me

I said, holler if you're with me

Holler if you're with me, c'mon

Holler if you're with me

Holler if you're with me

Holler if you're with me

It'll do you good to let loose a little

Let me hear you scream right there in the middle


Holler if you're with me (x4)

Holler if you're with me 

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