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[Verse 1]
She told me that she like me

She told me that she like me, complemented on my Nikes
I told her that she dope but me and her are so unlikely
You're just too gorgeous, babe, I dont need random dudes fighting me
They're just too jealous out here, especially when they know we out here
I dont need that attention, your girlfriend like "no he didn't"
I dont need no Martin Lawrence and Pamela rendition
But anyways, we can kick it, just no real commitment
And I hope you in shape, if you even plan on going a distance
Knock, knock, knock! Who is this? Oh my God, this girl is vicious
You look better in real life, you should end on all your pictures
Where you been all my life? Can't believe we are just beginners
This course is for advanced swimmers, we in here with fishes!
Jumpin' in the water, this ain't even what I ordered
I'm scared to look at the price, I just hope that I can afford her
And if I can't, then I guess I'll just throw her back in the water
What would Jesus do?

I hope you packed you parachute, you fallin' for me
We falling from thirty thousand feet
I hope you packed you parachute, you fallin' for me
We falling from thirty thousand feet
You better pack your parachute you fallin' for me
We fallin from thirty thousand feet
I hope you packed you parachute, you fallin' for me
We falling from thirty thousand feet

So now we rocking steady, every month's like February
She got me feeling like a kid again, when girls are jellies
I give her candies and in return shes giving up her panties
This romantic shit is really starting to come in handy
I'm going deeper and deeper, baby might just need the ether
She going in for the kill, she just bought me my favorite Sneakers
What you trying to do to me? girl, you know thats my weakness
Got me going to my mom's and pop's, tell them who she is
This the one I know she is, she got to be
Got me paranoid, I'm thinking back on how she got to me
Please give me some privacy to figure out this PYT
If she is who she says she is then she'll walk down the isle with me
Hope she dont lie to me cause I dont do apologies
I'm getting to far ahead of me, I need to chill and let this be
Now all my shit is catching up to me
My girlfriend caught me chilling with my new girl sitting next to me


Thirty thousand thirty thousand thirty thousand... 

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