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Kimi no basho ginsei no tsubasa hiroge

Fumidasu sukoshi dake mochikonda Cold

Tousan ga suteta you ni boku o suteru

Kimi wa ueta pirania no you na hitobito ni naru daro

Sono umi o nomikomu

Soshite sono karasa o kanjiru

Hakidasu kimi no hiza ni

Hajimari o omoidasanai ka?

Hontou no jibun o suteru mae

Soko ni shizunde yuku

Kuchi o tsukumu kuroi Secret

Kawaita chinmoku to, tomo ni yuku

Eikoou no ato kiba nashi ni kotawaru

Yogoreta te no aida, tsumetai mujou

Kiss your son, now kiss your bible

Miserareta kimi o


Sono umi o nomikomu

Soshite sono karasa o kanjiru

Hakidasu kimi no hiza ni

Hajimari o omoidasanai ka?

Hontou no jibun o suteru mae

Soko ni shizunde yuku

You're Sinking

You're Sinking

Sono umi o nomikomu

Soshite sono karasa o kanjiru

Hakidasu kimi no hiza ni

Hajimari o omoidasanai ka?

Hontou no jibun o suteru mae

Soko ni shizunde yuku

Hontou no jibun o suteru mae

Soko ni shizunde yuku 

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Slowly, I look around. An angry sight for every sound. We stood with troubles all around. She's trampled on the ground. Feel the sadness insi...

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How gentle was the breeze that surrounded the way How loud the sea's roar on the four winds everyday Sharing love, wounded gifts from ancient long a...

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Robin… The hooded man Robin… The hooded man Robin… The hooded man 

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My riddle

Woke up singing a different song, You know only my name not my story. When I look closer into your viewpoint, I see logs that you are throwing i...

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Father Said

Back in the cuts Break-back Cement 40 oz So minimal in our heads Drown drone beggars Where are you glory Under the bitten sky we play Back in t...


Crumble and cowl Kiss your break-neck boys And I'll kiss my shadow Cutting through the cattle The corpse with the queen The paper-faced fellow Now b...


This year is old like a dying father whose will is out of spite we pile into separate agendas with the songs of defeat playing in our minds For you i...


Chorus: With hearts so cold As the ocean below What do you do in this world we live in When you're so alone Let me feel like you feel me I'm not...


Speaking in grey words, the passive and a civil Now our love starts to burn like the night for it's candle Eclipse the painful space between our lus...


Your pocket hands The sidewalk faces Your character and charisma Your pocket hands The sidewalk faces They told me to be ashamed but I don’t se...

Glow Worm

with miles to drive on a cerebral highway where it leads our hearts to that empire where all unfolds we drag our knees through these badlands and we...


im quick learning lessons form the devil but can't decide whether i arrived or was contrived i view so many faces form a tower up above neglected...


let's take a ride we can change our names, pressed against the glass there gone and gone and gone and gone again to wait from there cattle call we...


Break! Match your facade and your heart sings pseudo, It's just a spiel to describe her love, This won't last long for what it's worth, I just wa...


As the way under me moves the world sleeps so still before me im so excited to explore my new cells where the moss and the bugs look like baby cities...


It's through again, my old black harm A priceless picture to pay for Peer force turned commodity For some minutes of, absorbing these strangers Dis...


What is the significance, in playing the part? A smiling temperament, a sour tongue Can you see behind the shadows, They poison my eyes. Something mor...


Copaface. Now find my way back home How I crave the way the world spins under me, But I sleep instead. Grip a shallow shake, With crippled compa...


Just another gypsyhook, Choking on that dick you rode. And it's taken his, in which I abode. Where I slit the morse of my mothers throat. Rotten...


Take a step off of that silver bird from your planet and you brought a little bit of that cold with you ring me out like you would your bastarding...


I want to be fit to take your breath and exhale a resolution I want to be fit to sing along with a pair of sunset lungs where do you walk where do I...