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Run River North piosenki

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Run River Run

Run river run Mother's calling heavy the sun. She's tired from the storm, which is from the norm. Standing at the gate, so quiet, unafraid. But one has come, One has come. Run river run. I hear your father's gun. He's wary from the road, the wolves a...


Somewhere, I hear the voice for the words written to my heart To get there, mountain or valley I will walk through the night and dark No one, nobody teaches you to walk with open hands It's the lonesome, always bound holding stone and crumbling sand What w...

The Ugly Couple Song

I was never pretty Not even as a child These gaps between my teeth They showed up when I smiled My hair always stood straight up Like it was terrified to fall In school it wasn't friends Or charisma that I lacked But in elementary pictures They always...

Winter Wind

I can hear, the devil in the wind I can feel him, pulling on my skin Cold winds flowing through the home The bitterness, the bitterness I can't see nothing in his fists But he looks back, arms out tightly It's a slow move I don't seem to care But I'm f...