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Samantha Landrum piosenki

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There's a break in the barbed wire fence On the edge of the Fuller farm Halfway between that cottonwood tree And what's left of that rusted out car There's a crack in the stained glass cross On the back of the fellowship hall And somebody wrote out "I lo...

I Taught You To Love Her

(Verse) I didn't want there be a lesson But you wouldn't listen 2 my words Sick & tired of bein' second You never even saw how much it hurts All the screamin' & slammin' doors Standin' there left my heart numb & walkin' out the door I said Don't do...

I'll still need your shoulder

Mama im growing up And I need you to know You’re one of my best friends (But) soon you’re gonna have to let go I know you think it’s sad Yeah, It’s sad for me too But if we didn’t have these growing pains I wouldn’t love you the way I do I think I’m turning ou...

What if

Packed you bag like you didn’t want nothing to remind you. Slammed the door hit the gas got going like you really meant to leave. Boy you hit me with a good bye, struck a match, lit a fire, burned us down, but baby did you ever think about. What if we...