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Artful Death Display

Artful Death Display Burden, always burning Hateful, wrath with haste Cultish, programmed learning Kingdom, ruled by race Separate, Indoctrinate, Alienate, Know your place Division of mortality, Divine mentality Artful Death Display Humanity, Eter...

Blight Bearer

Blight Bearer Another body fed to the catacombs Another life thrown to Sheol Miasmal Breath, Stench like Death Bearer of Blight, Dreamer of Night There's no hope to give, This is where the darkness lives Men of Medicine, Brothers of the Cloth I wa...

Carriers of Nothing

Carriers of Nothing Empty Stare, Vacant Room Tranquil Heart, Worthless Tomb Abandon Hope, Dread This Thought Bury me in infamy, my life decided Drown me in history, my burden prescribed Abandon Hope, Dread this Thought A Ritual Pale, A Ritual Lost...

Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever Will these chills ever end? Will I be whole again? Scarlatine! Rosalia! Release me from this old chamber of cold Swallowed by fever, Spat out by grief There is no release Scarlet complexion, Scarred to Perfection Rid this disease,...