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Diving Deep

We had a good thing goin' Every time we embraced I had tasted love like hot blood But you remember that madness in your side I'm diving deep Now gliding in the sky Can't you see my eyes? Can't you hear my voice? Can't you feel my skin? You're leavin...

I'm in blue

The pain it still remains, and I'll just get denied The feel it still remains, someday I will fly away So let it all go by looking at the deep blue sky The vision like a shining star, I don't know where to go I know I'm goin' blind When will I ever find...

The Red Road

All the ways I know are beautiful Dreaming of my ghost I walking down the red road How long, I'll never know Brush away the memories Lighting up the hollow of the hand It's my way I'll waiting for this moment Close my eyes and say "No forever" I'll...