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Pagan Hellfire

Utwory wykonawcy:

A Symbol of Unity

Blood is forever lost Between oceans vast It has been split in vain on the grey, Desolate shores of Northern Vinland The horns have grown silent And the snares march no more The memorials of the past Have decayed beyond repair Empty, winter-worn field...

Erdennacht (Forseti cover)

Höher kann der Mut nicht streben, Wunderbar bin ich besiegt, Und ich fühle wie das Leben Seinem Widerstand erliegt. Festen Trittes geht mein Sehnen Auf die Dauer, Sicherheit; Alle Wünsche, alle Tränen Zittern vor der Ewigkeit. Frühling, Herbst und So...

Impact of Gods (Folkvang cover)

From the sky, which is tightened by clouds, The thunder is reaching us Flashes of a lightnings are shinning this night We are given a sign; (we) hear great voices of gods People forgot their gods Forgot the legacy of ancestors They bent knees to the ene...

To Take Up Arms

Fog from the soil rises up Into the red sky The horizon grows dark for many nights to come The fires are almost dead And the time is approaching to bear our will To take up arms And ride proud into victory Over the plains of sorrow Do you remember tim...